Week Lecture Date Topic Material Lecture Discussion Date Assignment Discussion Date Assignment
Module 1 – UX Basics
1 August 14 Introduction

What is UX Design: Definition, history, and its importance

UX Design Process: Phases of UX design process, understanding the user and gathering user requirements, sketching and prototyping, user testing and validation

User-Centered Design: Principles of user-centered design, persona development, user flows, and scenarios

Design Thinking: Introduction to design thinking, application of design thinking to UX design

August 15 August 17 Assignment 1 – Individual Project
2 August 21 User Research Methods

User research in the UX design process

Different types of user research methods

August 22 August 24 Assignment 1 – Individual Project
3 August 28 User Journeys and Wireframing

What user journeys are and their importance in UX design

Understand the purpose and process of wireframing

August 29 August 31 Assignment 1 – Individual Project
4 September 4 Visual Design and Design Systems

Understand the principles of visual design and how they apply to user interface design

Learn the basics of design systems and their importance in UI design

September 5 September 7 Assignment 1 – Individual Project
5 September 11 Prototyping and User Testing

Understand the purpose and process of prototyping in UX design

Learn how to use Figma to create a simple prototype

Plan and conduct user testing sessions to collect feedback

Analyze user feedback and iterate on the design

September 12 September 14 Assignment 1 – Individual Project
6 Reflection Week

Connect all steps of the UX design process

September 19 (Reflection on first 5 lectures) September 21 Continue working on the individual project
Module 2 – Working in a Team
7 September 25 Project Reviews and Feedback Gathering Techniques

Understand the importance of project reviews and feedback in the design process

Learn different techniques for gathering and applying feedback to their designs

September 26 September 28 Assignment 2 – Group Project
8 October 2 Introduction to the Product Development Lifecycle

Understand the stages of the product development lifecycle and their relevance to UX design

Describe the roles of different stakeholders in the product development process, including product managers, UX designers, developers, and QA

Effective collaboration with stakeholders at different stages of the product development lifecycle

October 3 October 5 Assignment 2 – Group Project
9 October 9 Tools for Designers in Product Development

Identify and describe the purpose of various tools used in product development

Learn how to collaborate effectively with team members using these tools

October 10 October 12 Assignment 2 – Group Project
10 October 16 Types of Stakeholders and Collaboration Tips for Designers

Identify different types of stakeholders in a product development project

Understand the importance of collaboration and effective communication with stakeholders

October 17 October 19 Assignment 2 – Group Project
11 Reflection Week

Reflect on UX design process steps and how they fit into the product development lifecycle

Discuss different ways of UX team structuring

October 24 (Reflection on lectures 7 – 9) October 26 Assignment 2 – Group Project
Module 3 – Finding a Job in UX
12 October 30 Creating a Design Portfolio

Understand the importance of a design portfolio

Learn the key elements of a successful design portfolio

October 31 November 2 Assignment 3 – Design portfolio
13 Project Presentation

Present your group project prototype to the class

November 7 (Presentation of projects day 1) November 9 (Presentation of projects day 2) Assignment 3 – Design portfolio
14 Project Feedback and Discussion

Peer Reviews and Group Discussion

November 14

(Peer review of the projects and discussion day 1)

November 16
(Peer review of the projects and discussion day 2)
Review peer projects using SII Method
15 November 20 Finding Your First UX Design Job

Understand the importance of building a strong portfolio and presenting yourself effectively to potential employers

Learn how to search for job opportunities and evaluate potential employers

Develop strategies for networking and making professional connections in the field

November 21 November 23 Assignment 3 – Design portfolio
16 Break

Continue working on your projects

17 December 4 Presenting and Interviewing

Understand how to effectively present design work to stakeholders and potential employers

Learn interviewing techniques and strategies for UX design roles

Identify and practice communication techniques that convey design thinking and process

December 5 December 7 Assignment 3 – Design portfolio
18 Portfolio Presentation

Each student will present their portfolio to the class

Group discussion

December 12 (Presentations day 1) December 14 (Presentations day 2) Final Presentation